Throughout history, humans have found creative ways to keep their cats amused and entertained. From the feather cat toy to the laser pointer to the lowly cardboard box, there is an incredible number of options to keep them engaged.


Cat Fish Toy


The most played cat toy of all time was made of string but that doesn’t mean it's the only option to keep your furry friend happy and entertained. Each cat is different, has a different personality and a different approach to toys. Thinking about that, the team at Honest Pet Products has created as range of eco-friendly products to meet your cat’s needs, like the Eco-Catty Pillar, a colorful caterpillar toy kittens love, as well as the Eco-Mouser and Eco-Pouncer, a couple of interactive and fun mouse cat toys.


But if you are the type of person who enjoys playing with your cats like the old times, we also have a variety of string products, like the Eco-Kitty Bird and Eco-Kitty Comet (our bestseller cat bird toys), the fun Eco-Kitty Catcher, as well as our cat fish toy, the Eco-Cat Fisher.


The idea behind cat toys is simple: they engage your cat, allowing you to have fun together while they stay healthy, active and satisfied. And that’s where Honest Pet Products can make a difference. We’ll continue to work hard to create fun and entertaining products that are also safe and sustainable, making those bonding moments between you and your pet even more special.