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Choosing these chemical-free and all-natural toys is not only great for our planet but also for your fur babies who will love them!

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All your favorite cat toys at prices that'll make you purr, while keeping your feline friends safe and happy.

Dog playing with a sustainable pet toy

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We’ve got non-toxic, eco-friendly pet toys (made from hemp) for fetch obsessed pups, tug-of-war champions, curious cats and everything in between!

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True to our pets, planet and people

Paw and Human Hand

Supporting our community since 2010

Our commitment to social responsibility is not only limited to our local community, but it also extends to the impoverished families living in the Gobi Desert and remote areas of Nepal. We provide them with a platform to showcase their talent and generate income by handcrafting several wool pieces used in our cat toys. Additionally, by handcrafting our products in Wisconsin, we support the local economy and provide employment opportunities for proud Americans.

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