True to our PETS
True to our PLANET
True to our PEOPLE

Why are natural toys for your pets so important? SAFETY....SAFETY.....SAFETY It surprises most pet owners to learn that there are absolutely NO SAFETY REGULATIONS in the United States for what pet toys can be made of!

Most pet toys on the market today are made of potentially dangerous, chemical laden plastics and petro-chemical based, man made fabrics.

So the toys your pets are putting in their mouths and smelling every day can possibly make them sick.

But you can rest assured when you give your pet toys from Honest Pet Products. We use truly natural fabrics and materials in our toys so they are safe for your pets and they're even satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
Mary Wolff / Founder and Owner

Pet Toys and Pet Products made with truly Natural & Eco-Friendly materials!

We use natural, sustainable hemp fabrics, organic wool, and catnip in our toys. Our shampoos are safe, organic, dye-free, scent-free and all natural products made in the USA!

True to our Pets

We use the most truly NATURAL materials possible to create pet toys and shampoo that are SAFE, DURABLE & FUN for the pets we love. Satisfaction guaranteed!

True to our Planet

Nature provides the sustainable HEMP & WOOL used to make our truly eco-friendly pet toys and shampoo which reduce our carbon footprints & pawprints! All of our products are biodegradable.

True to our People

We provide jobs for proud Americans who make our products in our home state of Wisconsin. Our social efforts extend to women supporting their impoverished families living In the harsh Gobi Desert and desolate regions of Nepal. They hand make several of our wool parts used in making our cat toys.

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