Handcrafted cat toy proudly made in USA from sustainable wool, natural hemp twine, a bamboo pole, and jingle bell.


From a cat’s viewpoint, the ECO-KITTY CATCHER is the best invention since the ball of yarn! Itnatural bamboo pole, natural hemp twine, natural wool worm, and fun jingle bell provide hours of interactive play.



The ECO-KITTY CATCHER cat toy comes in one size. 

    • 6" long worm, 12″ natural bamboo pole, and 4 ft. natural hemp twine


ECO KITTY CATCHER - Product Features

The ECO-KITTY CATCHER is made with natural hemp twine and canvas (the strongest natural fiber on Earth)
It has a rattler ad for an extra furry frenzy! 

Some additional features of our well loved cat toy include:

    • Durable
    • Anti-microbial
    • Anti-bacterial
    • Assorted colors using natural vegetable dyes 
    • For best results, hand wash product in cold water 


Product Benefits

At Honest Pet Products, the health of your pet and respect for our planet are top of mind.

That is why all of our pet products are:

    • Non-toxic
    • Made from natural materials
    • Eco-friendly
    • 100% biodegradable

All of our cat toys are made in the USA because Honest Pet Products is proud to support Americans and provide natural pet products to the world.


About Honest Pet Products

HONEST PET PRODUCTS was born out of three basic, unrelenting, and uncompromising principles behind everything we do, therefore, we decided: :

1 To be True to our Pets

2 To be True to our Planet

3 To be True to our People

TRUE TO OUR PETS Firstly, we use the most genuinely NATURAL materials possible to create pet toys that are NATURAL, HEALTHY, DURABLE, AND FUN for the pets we love. Hence, we guarantee satisfaction!

TRUE TO OUR PLANET Secondly, nature provides the sustainable HEMP, AND WOOL is used to make our genuinely eco-friendly pet toys, which reduces our carbon footprints & pawprints! Moreover, all of our pet products are biodegradable.

TRUE TO OUR PEOPLE Thirdly, we provide jobs for proud Americans who make our products in Wisconsin. Also, our social efforts extend to women living in the Gobi Desert and desolate regions of Nepal.


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Product Details

• Crafted from 100% pure wool worm, with a length of approximately 6”
• Features a 12” durable natural bamboo pole
• This product includes a 4ft length of natural hemp twine
• Comes with a jingle bell for extra entertainment
• It's super light, weighing just 0.079 pounds

Since this delightful cat toy wand is handmade, the color of the toy you receive might not perfectly match the one in the picture. However, don’t worry! The charming array of colors is achieved using natural vegetable dyes.

Cats absolutely love our eco friendly cat products made from natural materials, but please remember they’re handcrafted and not indestructible. Every cat plays differently, so always keep an eye on your kitten and remove the toy if they start chewing on it.

Care & Materials

This teaser cat wand is crafted with wool, durable hemp string, a bamboo pole and a tinkling metal jingle. To keep this toy at its best, we recommend giving it a gentle spot clean.


What material is this made of?

The ECO-KITTY CATCHER is handmade using eco-friendly wool, durable and natural hemp string, a bamboo pole, and a tinkling metal jingle. Cats are especially drawn to wool due to its natural scent and the lanolin flavor they adore. This cat toy wand is designed for teasing fun to get your furbaby active.

Where do you source your wool from?

From the enchanting landscapes of Nepal to your hands, our wool follows a mindful and sustainable path. We're dedicated to ethical sourcing, ensuring both the environment and communities benefit.

Does this toy have catnip?

No, this particular toy doesn't contain catnip. But don't worry, we've got a bunch of other toys that are catnip enthusiasts! If you're on the lookout for something similar with that irresistible catnip kick, be sure to explore our ECO-CAT FISHER – your feline friend will thank you!.

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