Raising Earth-Friendly Felines: Here’s the Scoop on Natural Cat Toys, Litter Compost, and More!

We try everyday to make sustainable choices in our lives, but why don’t we put this same effort into ensuring our furry friends are eco-friendly too? That’s why we’ve put together a list of sustainable switches for your kitties that are just the cat’s meow! (sorry). From natural cat toys, ethically sourced food and biodegradable litter, your kitties will be eco-warriors in no time.



First and foremost, the easiest switch you can make is with your cat’s toys. And since we’re self-proclaimed experts on the subject, we think Honest Pet Products is the best place to start. 

So what should you look for? Well for starters, it’s all in the materials. Honest Pet Products uses hemp which is one of the most sustainable fabrics on the market. In a nutshell, because it’s a weed, hemp requires little water and essentially no pesticides to grow. It also requires just a small amount of land to cultivate so it produces more fibre per area than other plants like cotton. When it comes to sustainable materials, hemp is the Greta Thunberg of the fabric world.

Now onto the good stuff, catnip. Only the best stuffed cat toy h catnip, but not just any ol’ catnip. In order to be safer for both your cat and our planet, catnip should be as natural as possible. As Two Crazy Cat Ladies outline, there are 3 reasons why natural catnip is superior: it’s potent, pesticide-free, and planet-friendly.

  1. More potency, so your kitties get more of the good stuff for less catnip (meaning you also get more bang for your buck!)
  2. Paws off the pesticides - grown without harmful chemicals, is safer for our cats and our planet.
  3. As we like to say here at Honest Pet Products, True to our Pets, True to our Planet. Natural catnip fills both these roles with pride.

In our humble unbiased opinion, natural cat toys are the best cat toys for indoor cats. Now that you’ve got the know-how, you can get to shopping!



 Your kitties worked up an appetite playing with their natural cat toys, so now you’ve got to decide what’s the best way to feed them!

When it comes to searching for eco-friendly cat food, we want to check the same boxes that we look for in our own food choices. Try to look for sustainably sourced, organic ingredients without any GMOs or overly-processed chemicals you can’t pronounce. Bonus if the ingredients are locally sourced!

It may be hard to think your pretty persian cat evolved from the wild, but our cats are natural creatures and they deserve to be fed, natural quality ingredients.

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, our friends over at Open Farms have a great selection of ethically sourced cat food, including zero waste and recyclable packaging options!



Now that your cat’s tummy is full, it’s time to talk about what happens next. It’s not a glamorous topic, but pet waste, and especially kitty litter, can actually have negative impacts on our environment. You surely go through quite a bit of cat litter, so consider ditching clay cat litter and opting for biodegradable or compostable options!

Litter made from grass seed, coconut and wheat are all biodegradable options. If you’re feeling crafty, you can even repurpose old newspapers and make your own.

When it comes to disposing of cat litter, composting is the most ideal way to do this, but composting isn’t always the most accessible option. That’s why biodegradable litter is so important. So although you’re still sending it to the landfill, it’s at least a more gentle option for the earth.

Whether you switch to unique cat toys or swap out your kitty litter for a biodegradable option, all these small choices lead to a happier planet, which in turns leads to a happier cat and a happier you!