Pet Toys, Kansas City, MO

We offer high-quality pet toys that are truly eco-friendly and all-natural.

There are thousands of pet toys available to pet owners today. But what many people don’t realize is that many of those toys are made from materials that could be harmful to their pets. Some contain chemical-laden materials, while others are made through processes that harm the environment as well. At Honest Pet Products, we set out to create pet toys that are engaging to animals and friendly to the environment. Our company is focused on three basic principles, which are to be true to our pets, be true to our planet, and be true to our people. We’ve remained committed to those principles, offering high-quality pet toys that are truly eco-friendly and all-natural.


Our line of cat toys includes options for all types of felines, even the finicky types. Cats who like to play with wand toys will love the Eco-Cat Fisher and Eco-Kitty Catcher. We also offer pounce toys in different styles and sizes, including one that’s stuffed with all-natural catnip that will drive your pet wild. For dogs, we have toys that cater to their unique instincts. Dogs who enjoy fetching can have fun with the Eco-Fetcher, Eco Fly-n-Tug, or the Eco Fetchin Sticks. Each is made with natural hemp and wool for safer playtime. Our lineup also includes dog stuffed toys, tug toys, and quacking and rattling toys that your dog will love to hear.

We ship our high-quality and all-natural pet toys to animal owners located throughout the U.S., including in Kansas City, Missouri and the surrounding area. If you’re ready to provide engaging and safe play options, shop our selection in our online store today.