Eco-Frienldy Pet Toys

Our eco-friendly pet toys are ones you can feel good about giving to your pet.

Pet toys are easily found in stores and online, but did you know that some organic pet toys in the United States are made with no federal regulations? The regulations that stop dangerous toys, materials and products being made for humans because of their chemical composition or potential issues do not apply to our pets. This means that your pet’s favorite toys might be damaging, full of plastics or, at the very least, bad for the environment. Here at Honest Pet Products, we want to do things differently than other pet companies and give you products that you can stand behind and feel good about giving to your pet. We offer eco-friendly, sustainably sourced natural pet toys that are not only good for your pet, but enjoyable, too.

Manufactured right here in the U.S.A. in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, we work to find the best products for our pet toys. We source natural fabrics made of hemp and wool and manufacture a variety of different toys that will please cats and dogs of every breed. We have toys that are great for fetching and tugging, and stuffed toys that will be a great way to hone those natural instincts in a fun way. We also have some great catching toys, comets, and mice for our feline friends. Whether you have a dog, a cat or both, we are confident that we have natural pet toys that will work for their needs while also protecting the environment.

We would love to answer any questions that you might have regarding our pet toys. For more information about our variety of toys, please contact us today!