Dog Ball Toys, Westborough, MA

Our mission is to provide non-toxic and 100% biodegradable dog ball toys to eco-conscious pet owners.

Dogs love to play, and it’s good for their health and well-being to engage in regular play sessions. Playing with their owner can strengthen the bond they have. Finding the right toys that excite your pup and fulfill their natural instincts can be a challenge, but most dogs enjoy chasing certain toys. A ball is almost a universally beloved toy among the canine species. It fits in their mouth, so they can pick it up and bring it back, and it bounces in different ways to keep their attention and interest. However, chewing on a ball can be worrisome if you’re not sure what materials were used to construct it.

At Honest Pet Products, we offer a range of dog toys that are made with all-natural and non-toxic ingredients. The line includes dog ball toys that excite all types of dog species. You can throw the Eco-Tosser Ball, one of the most popular dog ball toys available, without any concern about whether it’s safe for your dog to gnaw. This product comes in two sizes for medium and large dogs. It is made from strong, natural hemp canvas that is also sustainable and eco-friendly. Our mission is to provide non-toxic and 100% biodegradable pet toys, including dog ball toys, to eco-conscious pet owners.

All of our dog toys are in
 Wisconsin and can be shipped anywhere in the USA. So if you live in  Westborough, Massachusetts, shop our selection to find the perfect dog toys. We’re so confident that your dog will love these toys that we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee.