Cat Fish Toy, Los Angeles, CA

Drag it across the floor for a game of chase or dangle it like you’re “fishing” to catch a kitten.

We all know the iconic pictures of cats with fish…there is just something so enticing about things that swim for your furry feline friend! Playing with your cats is a fun time for both humans and their pets but having toys that your cat likes to play with can make a difference in how playtime goes. If you’re looking for a cat fish toy that will bring out the best in your cats during playtime, you’ll want to try our selection of natural cat toys at Honest Pet Products.


Our Eco-Cat Fisher is a fish-shaped toy that’s ideal for a cat on a mission. With natural catnip inside and a rattling bell, your cat will want to play with its “prey” all day long! This cat toy fish is five inches long and comes with a bamboo pole to make it easy to interact with your cat in multiple ways. Drag it across the floor for a game of chase or dangle it like you’re “fishing” to catch a kitten and you just might succeed! Another fun toy to try with your cats is the Eco-Kitty Catcher. This fish cat toy also comes with a bamboo pole but is shaped like a worm and includes a rattler for a little extra entertainment.

Our products are true to our pets, planet, and people, because they are made of sustainable products that are safe for your pets to enjoy, as well as good for the earth. Our natural hemp and cotton toys are biodegradable, which means you can say goodbye when a toy is at the end of its life without worry. Then it’s simply time to try something new from our fun line of cat toy products!

From our online store, we can ship your next cat fish toy directly to your door in Los Angeles, California. We know you and your cat will be so excited about the new toys coming to you. Visit our online store right now to pick out your next favorite cat toy!