Best Tug Toys for Dogs

We are committed to making the best tug toys for dogs out of eco-friendly materials.

One of the most important things you can do every day is play with your dog. There’s something about their grin as they run back to you when you’re playing fetch and the belly rubs that happen when they are so happy to spend time with you! We’ve all had our dog drag the seemingly “lost” toy from the bottom of the pile to let you know that they want you to play. (It’s usually the one they’ve had the longest and is the most loved.)

If you have a dog that loves to play tug, then you may already know that you need toys that will hold up as your dog bites down and pulls on their beloved tug toy. Because this type of play can be a little more “ruff” than some of the others, having a toy that can hold up against your dog’s strong jaw can make all the difference in a successful and safe play time.

When it comes to looking for the best tug toys for dogs, you might struggle to find something that really works for you and your dog at a traditional pet retail store. Not only do you want to choose a toy that is durable, but you also want to make sure the toy you choose is safe for your dog during play time. If you’ve been looking for the best tug toys for dogs, then you will find exactly what you need here at Honest Pet Products.

There are many reasons we believe that we carry the best tug toys for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Firstly, we are committed to making our best tug toys for dogs out of eco-friendly materials such as hemp. Hemp is a fabric that can stand up to a lot of play time and is naturally anti-microbial, making it safer for your dog when they bite down on their favorite toy.

Another reason to love our natural pet toys is because of our environmentally friendly solutions for animals that love to play. We sustainably source our products, so when it is time to say goodbye to one of our toys, you will know that you won’t be causing any harm to the environment by disposing of it. Natural hemp and our other products are 100% biodegradable, ensuring that we do our part to keep the planet clean.

No matter the size or age of your dog, you may already know that they have toys that are their favorite when it comes to play time. When you shop for the best tug toys for dogs, we have a feeling your dog is going to love our Eco Fly-N-Tug and our Eco Tugger toys. You’ll also find that we have a great selection of natural dog toys for those that love to run, squeak, fetch, toss and more.

All of our natural pet products are manufactured in Wisconsin and can be shipped anywhere in the USA. That means you can order the best tug toys for dogs and have them waiting on your doorstep just in time for a playdate with your pet. Why wait to select the best tug toy for your dog? Shop online with us today!