Go Green! With Natural Dog Toys.

Dogs can be environmental activists too, right? Our planet is so important to us and we need more members to join our movement to save the planet! So why don’t we invite our furry friends?

Let’s face it, dogs are not going to start recycling on their own. It is up to you to make the conscious switch to Go Green for your pet. Often the question is, how can I be more sustainable? The best and simplest place to start is your Dog’s Toys.

Pet toys are one of the highest pet goods consumed. Today, simple pet toys have evolved into intricate designs made with zippers or buttons, ultimately adding to the consumption of unnecessary waste. At this rate, our pup's favorite park to play fetch in may turn into the next landfill. Oh no!

We included 5 tips to make sure your furry friend is reducing their carbon footprint. Keep in mind you don’t need to immediately throw out all your dog toys – this would just add more to the landfill! Instead, use these tips for future dog purchases!


1. DIY!

Feeling creative and bored during lockdown? DIY Eco-Friendly Dog Toys are the solution to your sufferings! As long as dogs can chew, fetch, and play with the toy, they are not picky! Some inspiration for your DIY toys includes a braided pull toy made with leftover fabric scraps, a t-shirt rope toy, and a tennis ball treat holder.

We all know that our furry friends sure can rack up a bill. DIY toys prevent you from hurting your bank account even more, while still keeping your dog entertained and being eco-conscious.

2. Paws off the plastic

As plastic is becoming cheaper and cheaper to manufacture, companies are now able to lower their prices . Due to these attractive prices, consumers are purchasing these products more frequently. However, these companies have left dog owners in the dark about the toxic chemicals found in the materials used for their pet’s toys. Three toxic chemicals found regularly in pet toys include BPA, lead, and chromium.

Many companies are marketing their recycled plastic products as “eco-friendly.” Don’t fall into this trap! Recycled plastic is not eco-friendly - these plastics are still ending up in our soil and oceans, which our furry friends love to swim and dig in .

The safety of our precious pets is our number one priority! Instead of choosing the neon, plastic cupcake toy, take control of your pet’s health by choosing Natural Pet Toy options.

3. Be a patriotic pup & support local

Although having eco-friendly materials and fabrics is important, it is important to be educated on where the products are coming from. Even though a company may say they are “locally based”, they most likely import their raw materials from regions located all over the world. By purchasing Dog Toys Made In The USA, you are reducing the distance that the toy travels, which ultimately reduces the amount of fuel consumption needed to get the toy into your pup’s mouth.

Shopping locally also helps small businesses that have most likely struggled to survive during the pandemic. As dog lovers and eco-friendly enthusiasts, we need to work together to make sure these companies continue to operate. If you are looking for a delicious, locally sourced treat to spoil your pet, check out Mika & Sammy’s!


4. Tough enough for the roughest pups

Tired of your pup destroying a new toy each week? If yes, you should invest in a couple highly Durable Dog Toys. Replacing fewer toys will reduce your pup's environmental footprint on the planet.

Another tip is to look out for toys made with extra durable materials. Materials that will survive your pup's roughest tug-a-wars include rubber, rope material, and hemp fabrics (like ours).

5. Your pet deserves it and it's worth it! Purchase high-quality products

As the saying goes, “ a dog is a man’s best friend.” Trust me your pet deserves that gorgeous, high quality toy! To ensure your pet lives a happy and healthy life, purchasing an eco-friendly and safe toy is definitely worth it.

To guarantee quality assurance, stay away from third-party sellers as many companies are not transparent about what chemicals are used for production. Our beloved pups are so important to us, and we need to be certain of what they put in their mouths!

The perfect place to start your eco-friendly dog journey is to visit the Honest Pet Products. Honest Pet Products are plastic free, manufactured from start to finish in the USA, and made with high quality, durable hemp fabrics. Wow, that already covers tips 2 to 5! Let’s put our planet and pets first and shop sustainable!