Stuffed Pet Toys

Our variety of stuffed pet toys will bring enjoyment to cats and dogs everywhere.


There are few things that are cuter than a cat or a dog with a favorite stuffed animal of their own! This trait is not only endearing, but a healthy play choice for a variety of different animals. Here at Honest Pet Products, we want to help owners have fun with their pets while also feeling good about the stuffed pet toys and other products that they give them. Pet owners today are looking for options that will be fun for their pet while also being good for the planet, and we provide that option with a variety of toys and products, including stuffed pet toys.


Manufactured in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, our toys can be shipped all over the United States. We offer stuffed pet toys for both cats and dogs in various sizes to accommodate breed sizing differences. Our dog-friends will love our Eco Owl Buddy, that comes in three different sizes and is made of strong, sustainably grown-hemp and stuffed with quality wool. They will also wag their tails for the chance to play with our Eco Quacker and Eco Rattler, both available in three sizes.


For our feline friends, we have some great options for stuffed pet toys that will hone their hunting skills while hopefully keeping their claws out of your furniture! We offer an Eco Mouser and Eco Pouncer, both made of quality hemp and wool stuffing. We also have a wonderful Eco Cat Fisher, which is a small stuffed fish that your cat will love to chase and pounce on.


Whether you have one pet or several, we know that you care about them. Choose the best for their play and the environment when you choose our stuffed pet toys. For more information, please contact us today!