Stuffed Dog Toy

We offer fun, responsible, and sustainable stuffed dog toy options.

Dogs love to have their own toys! While certain breeds have their preferences, most dogs love a good stuffed dog toy for fetching, hunting, squeaking and cuddling. Here at Honest Pet Products, we want you to feel good about the toys that you give your pets, and we have a variety of different stuffed dog toys that will not only delight their senses but will also quickly become one of their favorites.

We offer many different stuffed dog toy choices to ensure that every dog can find an option that is fun for them. We have a soothing owl buddy that comes in three different sizes to ensure that your pooch will find one that is perfect for snuggling. We also have eco-quackers available, which are stuffed ducks in three sizes with a squeaker to help bring an auditory element to playtime. Our eco-rattler is another stuffed dog toy that is shaped like a snake and has a double-sewn safety squeaker to ensure lasting fun without worry of choking.

When you choose a stuffed dog toy from our company, we are providing you with safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly options that you can feel good about giving to your furry friend. Because there are no current regulations for pet toy manufacturing in the United States, toys can be made from all kinds of harmful materials that can be damaging to your pet and the environment. Our toys, on the other hand, are made from safe, sustainable and eco-friendly hemp and wool. We manufacture our toys in Wisconsin but can ship anywhere. We would love to tell you more about our toy options and invite you to contact us today.