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Our Never-Ever Guarantee

Our "Never-Ever Guarantee" means no lead, no mercury, no plastic-based fillers, no pesticides, no GMOs, no glues, no fire retardants (PBDEs), no benzene, no BPA's and no cancer-causing anything are ever allowed near our products, ever! 

No Destroy Warranty

No toys are truly indestructible.  However, in nearly a decade in business, we know our toys.  Most of our customers with big and small dogs still have their toys for 2 or more years under normal use and play.  We warranty that every dog and cat toy purchased on our web site will survive a minimum of three months of love and joy or you will receive a single store credit for that toy.   

Disclaimer: there is no toy that can withstand the frustration that a high energy dog feels if not exercised at least one hour a day.   If your dog is a famous or infamous toy destroyer, we do not recommend toys made of any fabrics, even the most durable of them all, hemp.

Promise to Customers

Love all of our products or we will make it right.  Just email or call us. 

We know our customers demand the finest and safest.  Nothing less will do.  Our products are not designed for the big retail market.  We understand some companies use materials in their products that we would never and that helps keep their costs down.  For many, cost is the first consideration with buying products for their pets.  We work from a quality-first and not a cost-first paradigm.  We always will.

Our Standards

If you buy it on Honest Pet Products, you know you have the cleanest, highest quality pet toys on the market.  Toys worthy of your furry babies.

It’s not only going to give your dog or cat hours and hours of joy, it’s going to be safe for them to put in their mouth.


Replace the toxic toy boxes of dogs and cats with healthy, earth-friendly, safe toys -- one home at a time.

Toxic Toy Buy-Back

Join our newsletter, Facebook and Instagram to learn about four times a year  special promotions where we give you store credit for your toxic pet toys and dispose of them for you.

Pets.  Planet. People. 

We believe in being true to our pets, our planet and our people.  We have a serious responsibility to the pets that hold our toys in their mouth or use our products.  The careful standards we have in sourcing every ingredient is critical to ensure it's safe for our planet.  And we choose to work with and support amazing people who help us make an amazing product.