Pet Toys, Westborough, MA

When you shop our line of pet toys, you can feel good about what’s in them.

If you’ve ever walked through the toy aisles in a pet store, you know that there are many different pet toys available on the market. However, many pet owners can attest to the fact that their dogs and cats don’t enjoy playing with the typical selection of toys. As a pet owner, you might be concerned about what your beloved pet is chewing on when playing with toys made of plastic and other non-natural materials. At Honest Pet Products, we offer high-quality pet toys made from all-natural ingredients. You can feel confident that your animal won’t be ingesting toxic chemicals or materials when gnawing on a ball, tug toy, stuffed animal, or wand toy from our line.

The owner of the business started making sustainable and high-quality pet toys when she found that her own dogs were far more interested in a ratty drink coaster than the basket of toys she had purchased for them. This launched the creation of the Eco-Fetcher, which was the first product available in the line. Since then, our line of pet toys has expanded to include options for both dogs and cats, including rattling and quacking toys for canines and wands and mouse toys for felines.

When you shop our line of pet toys, you can feel good about what’s in them. We use sustainable wool and hemp to make truly eco-friendly options for pets. Our products are made in Wisconsin and can be shipped anywhere in the USA. So if you live in  Westborough, Massachusetts, make sure to visit our online store to choose your next pet toy. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.