Natural Cat Toys, Los Angeles, CA

We use natural materials like hemp and wool to make every cat toy in our collection.

At Honest Pet Products, we believe that choosing natural cat toys for your pets comes with some important advantages. With our pet products, we have taken the time to create natural cat toys that are safe for people, pets, and the environment. When you shop for natural cat toys with us, you’ll notice these distinct differences from other standard cat toys:

  • Chemical Free. Many of the cat toy products on the market today are created of man-made materials that include dangerous chemicals and dyes that can be dangerous for your cat to ingest. We make all of our natural cat toys without harsh chemicals and dyes, so they are safe for your cats to play with every day.
  • Sustainably Sourced. It is important to us to offer our customers in Los Angeles, California a sustainable option for their pet toys. That’s why we use natural hemp and wool for every cat and dog toy we make.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Because we use natural materials, our natural cat toys are biodegradable and are safe to throw away when a toy has exhausted its playing days. They will break down via natural processes without harming the environment.

Our customers also enjoy shopping for natural pet products with us because we have cat toys made in USA. That means you can purchase the natural cat toys your cat loves knowing that you’re supporting jobs for proud Americans!

Are you ready to try a new natural pet toy? Head on over to our online store and get ready to pounce on our fun selection of cat toys!