Natural Cat Toys

We use natural hemp fabric and natural catnip in our toys.

Did you know that playing with your cats is one of the best ways to bond with them and ensure they are getting a healthy amount of play time? Especially if your cats are primarily indoors, having the right kinds of toys around can really make your household a fun place to be!

If you are looking for natural cat toys that will keep your cats entertained and engaged, then you may have a hard time finding just the right thing at a traditional pet retail store. When you shop with us at Honest Pet Products, you will find natural cat toys that will quickly become your cat’s new favorites!

One of the ways we make sure to provide you with natural cat toys that both you and your cat will love is by responsibly sourcing all of our products.  Our natural cat toys are made from hemp, which is a natural fabric that is durable and eco-friendly.  We also use natural cat nip in our toys, so when your feline friend takes a bite during play time, you never have to worry about them ingesting anything harmful.

It is important to us that your pet’s health comes first, and we always aim to be true to our pets, planet, and people.  If you are looking for natural cat toys, place your order with us today. All of our products are manufactured in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and can be shipped anywhere in the USA. Then, be sure to let us know how your cat loves their new natural cat toys!