Luna’s Favorite Toy: Why These Fetching Sticks for Dogs are a Game-changer

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I was racking my brain trying to find a toy that satisfied my fetch-obsessed pup and it wasn’t until I found Honest Pet Products’ eco-friendly fetch toys for dogs – aptly named the Eco-Fetchin Stick – that she was finally happy.

Now, when I say fetch-obsessed, I mean fetch-obsessed. This ball of fluff could spend hours just chasing toys and bringing them back – enough to get in a good arm workout for me at least.

And when it comes to her preferred fetching device, Luna likes to keep it au-naturel. As in, she’ll gladly drop whichever toy her mom so nicely bought for her in exchange for nature’s finest dog toy: the stick. To her, this was the best interactive dog toy on the market.

I was tired of replacing chewed up tennis balls and plastic outdoor toys and even more tired of sprinting to grab every new stick she dug up and started to devour as if it was a delicious steak snatched right off the grill. It didn’t matter what I did, this pup wanted a stick and she wanted me to throw it. So I did some research.

I found that not only was my dog’s stick obsession annoying, but it was also potentially harmful to her! Each time I caught her with a stick I was putting her at risk of getting tongue splinters, infections or even piercing vital organs. As a new pet parent, this put me into a spiral and I quickly searched for some safe pet toys.

Durable dog toys are available everywhere, but I wanted to find a dog fetch toy that wasn’t made with harmful plastics or chemical-smelling rubber. This is where Honest Pet Products came in. Not only did they have durable dog toys, but eco-friendly dog toys too! I try to make eco-friendly choices in my own life, why have I never thought about this for my pup before

Everything about the Eco-Fetchin Stick sounded great to me – it’s made with natural materials, anti-bacterial, machine washable and it floats! But the true test wasn’t whether I liked it, this eco-friendly dog toy needed to be approved by the picky pup herself.  

To my luck, Luna LOVES this damn stick. It’s already outlasted the tennis balls I was buying for her before and it keeps her busy enough that she (seems to) have forgotten about her past love affair with muddy twigs from the ground.  

Finally, gross sticks were no longer the best dog toy I could find. I finally found fetching sticks for dogs that checked all the required boxes: durable, safe and most importantly, Luna-approved.