How to Clean Dog Toy, Kansas City, MO

Cleaning dog toys will help prevent doggie illness and infections.

If you’ve ever taken a look at your dog toy box and realized that all of the toys are grimy and gross, you may be wondering how to clean a dog toy, so your pooch can continue to enjoy his or her favorite games. The good news is that most dog toys can be cleaned; the difficulty is in how you clean them!

At Honest Pet Products, we make our toys out of natural hemp materials. This is a plus when you are wondering how to clean a dog toy, because hemp is naturally anti-microbial, meaning it fights against the bacteria and germs that are harbored in your dog’s mouth. Even with this helpful detail, it’s still important to take time to properly clean your pet’s toys.

One of the first tips we can give is to make sure you know what the materials in the toy are before trying to clean them. For example, rubber toys can simply be wiped down with a cleaning agent that is safe for dogs. If you have plush toys or pet toys made of fabrics, you’ll want to take special care as you put them through the cleaning process. Not all plush toys can go in the washing machine! You’ll typically want to use a mild soap that is safe for pets and water and allow the toys to air dry before allowing your dog to play with them again.

Cleaning dog toys will help prevent doggie illness and infections. By taking time to learn how to clean dog toys, you’ll be able to keep your pet safer and healthier during playtime! 

You can also shop for all of your dog’s favorite toys in our online store and have them shipped straight to your door in Kansas City, Missouri. Here’s to wishing you and your pet a safe and fun playtime!