How to Clean Dog Toy?

Learn how to properly clean your dog’s toys.

Cleaning Old Dog Toys

You’re probably used looking at to your dog toy basket and seeing your dog’s toys getting ratty and gross after hours of play. And after your dog’s toys get too gross, you don’t think twice about tossing them in the trash and buying new ones.

But this can be hard on the planet, and you want dog toys that will last without filling up landfills with plastics, synthetics, and other materials that don’t degrade quickly.

Honest Pet Products

This is where we come in at Honest Pet Products. We’ve got an excellent selection of toys for dogs that are natural, safe, and earth friendly.

Since our toys don’t wear out very quickly, you’re going to need to know how to clean dog toys to keep your dog’s toys looking their best for optimal play time.

Handwashing Dog Toys

To clean your dog's toys, we recommend hand washing with cold water and mild soap, then letting it air dry.

When they’re dry, they’ll be ready for plenty more hours of playtime.