Frisbee Pet Toys

Keep your pet entertained and safe with our frisbee pet toys.

When you think of playing a game of fetch with your pet, what first comes to mind? For many people, they conjure up an image of playing fetch with a stick or maybe a ball. While these two options are common, that doesn’t mean that they are necessarily safe particularly if you play with a stick. Sticks can actually cause injury by breaking into your pet’s mouth and becoming ingested or causing cuts. Balls are a great option for many pets, provided that they are intact and the right size for your pet. Many pet owners with athletic pets that cannot get enough of their game of fetch prefer to play with frisbee pet toys, since these can fly farther and provide your pet with the mental and physical stimulation they require. If you are looking for quality frisbee pet toys that you can feel good about giving your pet, we at Honest Pet Products have the right products for you.

We have a variety of eco-friendly, sustainably sourced frisbee pet toys that will enable you to have a good time playing with your pet. We have a standard frisbee pet toy, our Eco Fetcher, which is a solid disc, and Eco Fly-N-Tug, which is shaped like a flat donut. Both options are great for pets that love to catch flying frisbees, and both can help you give your pet a wonderful workout while also honing their retrieval skills. Our frisbee pet toys are made with great materials that you can rely on to offer you peace of mind in what you are giving your pet. Made with natural hemp and wool, our products will provide all sorts of fun while being safe for the planet. We manufacture our toys right here in the United States in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and we can ship our wonderful toys directly to you. For more information, please contact us today.