Eco-friendly Pet Toys

Our eco-friendly pet toys offer a source of sustainable, responsible fun!  

Having fun with your pet is one of the advantages of pet parenting! Having a pet allows us to cut loose every so often while also enjoying the company of a furry friend. Here at Honest Pet Products, we want you to have fun with your pet and provide them with safe, quality toys that you can actually feel good about giving them! Most pet toys in the United States are manufactured free of regulations, which means that not only could they be harmful to your pet, but they likely are going to contribute to a landfill problem due to being made with plastic materials. Our pet products do things a little differently than other pet companies by providing eco-friendly pet toys for responsible and sustainable fun for your pet.

Our eco-friendly pet toys are manufactured in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and are available to ship all over the country. We are proud to make our toys in the U.S.A. and enjoy that we can help pet parents everywhere feel good about the products they give their pets. We have eco-friendly pet toys for both cats and dogs, all made with sustainable, eco-friendly and natural materials like hemp and wool. We offer stuffed toys in the shapes of snakes, ducks, owls, fish and mice along with a variety of different ball toys, fetch toys, tug toys, and bird toys.

Your pet(s) already give you unconditional love; isn’t it time to take care of them in return with quality pet toys? For questions about our eco-friendly pet toys, please contact us today.