Eco-Friendly Dog Toys, Kansas City, MO

Each of our eco-friendly dog toys is made of all-natural ingredients.

Pet owners often have strong bonds with their pets and want to do whatever they can to protect them from harm. But what many don’t realize is that the toys their pets play with regularly could contain harmful chemicals and toxins. Few restrictions exist on the manufacture of pet toys, which means that many manufacturers are using plastics and other non-natural materials to make them as cheaply as possible. But the lower price point may come at the cost of your dog’s health, and that’s a sacrifice that you should avoid. The manufacturing of these toys can also be harmful for the environment.


Honest Pet Products was started by a dog owner who noticed that her dogs were more interested in an old drink coaster than the many toys she had purchased for them. She also worried about what her dogs were exposed to when playing with toys made with concerning materials. The first toy she created was a disc-shaped fetch toy that was inspired by the beloved coaster. Her dogs, and many dogs since, love this product. Their owners love that it’s made from all-natural materials, so it is safe and better for the environment.




In addition to the Eco-Fetcher, we have a range of other eco-friendly dog toys for your canine companion. Each of our eco-friendly dog toys is made of all-natural components. When you’re ready to ditch the harmful toys and give your canine eco-friendly dog toys that they’re sure to love, shop our selection in our online store. We ship to customers in Kansas City, Missouri and throughout the nation.