Dog Tug Toy, Los Angeles, CA

Our dog tug toys are made from heavy canvas, wool, and hemp.

It is difficult to say who gets the most fun from a playtime session between a dog and its owner. We like to think it is pretty mutual, especially when there is a dog tug toy in play. At Honest Pet Products, we want your playtime to be as enjoyable for both of you as possible, so we provide amazing options that are healthier for your dog and the planet than traditional dog toys.


Many of our dog toys can be used for tugging and much more. For example, our Eco-Tugger comes in three sizes- 8” for small dogs, 12” for medium dogs, and 16” for large dogs. Another option is our Eco-Rattler which is great for playing, tugging, and shaking and also comes in three sizes. One of the things that makes our dog tug toys a popular choice in Los Angeles, California is that all our dog products are made in the USA from non-toxic, natural, eco-friendly materials that are 100% biodegradable. In addition, they are antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, and machine washable, so they are good for your dog’s health – and for you since you hold onto them during a zealous tug of war!


Our dog tug toys are made from heavy canvas, wool, and hemp. Hemp is a sustainable and naturally strong fiber. You can feel good about purchasing dog toys that are good for them, good for you, and good for the planet. Not only are you supporting a reduction in carbon footprints (& pawprints), but also American jobs. Check out our online store to see our line of dog toys to find the perfect dog tug toy for you and your dog’s fun days ahead.