Dog Tug Toy, Kansas City, MO

We use natural hemp fabrics for our dog tug toy products.

Did you know that the traditional rope dog toy can be a breeding ground for germs? Those tightly woven fibers can make it impossible to get a rope toy clean. So, what do you do if tug-of-war is your pup’s favorite pastime, and you don’t have a rope? You choose a better dog tug toy!


If you’re looking for a tough dog tug toy that your pup will love to play with in Kansas City, Missouri, you’ll find some great options at the Honest Pet Products online store. Why should you choose our pet products for your pooch?

  • We believe in creating pet products that are made of sustainable materials. That means our pet products are good for your pet and safe for the environment.
  • We use natural hemp fabrics for our dog tug toy products. Hemp is naturally anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and mildew resistant. That means all those germs won’t be trapped inside the toy after playtime!
  • Our dog tug toy products are free of harsh chemicals or dyes, so any pooch with sensitivities won’t be at risk.
  • Our toys are biodegradable, so there is no guilt about throwing away an old or damaged toy. Then you can simply replace it with a new one from our line of dog tug toys!


Ready to shop for a new toy you and your dog will love? You’ll find your next favorite dog tug toy with us! Check out our Eco-Fly-N-Tug, Eco-Rattler, and Eco-Tugger toys, and let us know what you think! Shop our online store today!