Dog Toys

Our dog toys are great for “ruff” play!

Dogs everywhere like to play– it’s one of their best features! Whether you have a chill dog or an active one, a working dog or a companionship dog, most all of them enjoy their own form of playtime. Choosing the right dogs toys for your pet is a great way to engage in active playtime, which can help tire them out, activate their natural instincts, and help you bond with your furry friend. If you have been looking in the Oshkosh, Wisconsin area or even online for quality, eco-friendly dog toys, then you might realize that these types of toys are hard to find. Here at Honest Pet Products, we have a great selection of cat and dog toys that are all-natural, organic, eco-friendly and made from the highest quality materials.

Dog toys come with little to no regulations in terms of manufacturing, so there are many companies that source the cheapest materials, regardless of what those materials might do to your unsuspecting pets. Many fabrics and materials can be laden with chemicals, pesticides and even petroleum by-products that may not be safe for your pet. Our dog toys, on the other hand, are made from all natural products like hemp and wool.

If you have been searching for dog toys that you and your pooch will both enjoy and feel good about, we would love to show you the variety of frisbees, balls, tug toys and other toy options for your pooch. For more information about these or our other products, please contact us today.