Dog Frisbee, Westborough, MA

The Eco Fly-N-Tug is designed for active dogs who love to chase flying discs.

When you toss a Frisbee for your dog, you may enjoy watching them jump into the air and catch it in their mouth. However, have you ever wondered what materials were used to construct that Frisbee? Most are made of plastic, which contains many concerning chemicals that your dog can get into its mouth when chewing on the toy. Instead of providing a potentially harmful toy to your beloved canine companion, check out an all-natural option that will provide the same level of entertainment. At Honest Pet Products, we offer non-toxic and eco-friendly dog toys, including a dog frisbee, that Fido is sure to love.

Our product is called the Eco Fly-N-Tug, and it’s designed for active dogs who love to chase flying discs. You can choose from a dog Frisbee that measures 6 inches in diameter, designed for small dogs, or one that measures 10 inches in diameter, designed for medium to large dogs. It’s made from natural heavy hemp canvas and wool, so it’s easy to throw. It will fly incredibly far when tossed and can even float in water, so you don’t have to worry about it sinking if you’re playing catch at the pool or the lake. Pet owners also appreciate that our dog Frisbee is machine washable, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial.

Our products are made in Wisconsin and can be shipped anywhere in the USA. So if you live in  Westborough, Massachusetts, make sure to visit our online store to choose your next pet toy. When you’re shopping for natural and sustainable options for your furry friend, you’ll be impressed with our products. We stand behind our pet toys with a satisfaction guarantee.