Dog Frisbee

Fetch becomes more fun with our dog frisbee!

Do you have a dog that loves a good game of fetch? Many dogs, particularly breeds that are bred to be retrievers or workers, are excellent at getting out their energy with a mind-stimulating game like playing fetch with a frisbee. While frisbee is a great game for dogs, owners and pet parents alike need to be wary of the type(s) of dog frisbees that they choose. Plastic frisbees can tear if chewed, leading to choking, lacerations on or in their mouth, and dental problems. Additionally, plastic frisbees are not necessarily made with safe chemicals. Here at Honest Pet Products, we wanted to create options for toys that would be pleasing to you and your pet, including our dog frisbees.

When you choose a dog frisbee from our selection, you get a product that is fun, safe and healthy. Coming in two sizes, 6” and 10”, our dog frisbees are made from natural and sustainably sourced hemp canvas along with pressed wool. Our frisbees are easy to throw, easy on your dog’s teeth and mouth, and provide the same level of enjoyment as a plastic frisbee. However, our frisbees are machine washable, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and they even float, making water fun possible. With a hole in the middle, our dog frisbees also make great tug toys.

Our mission is to decrease the carbon footprint (and paw print!) of our planet while also providing dogs with safe, fun toys to enjoy. We make our products in Wisconsin and are able to ship them anywhere in the United States. For more information, please contact us today!