Cat Toys, Los Angeles, CA

Why not choose natural cat toys that make you and your pet happy?

Feline companions can be the ideal addition to many households, whether you live in a small apartment in the city or you have a family home in the suburbs. When it’s time for your kitten or adult cat to play, choosing cat toys that they love and that are sensible for them is an important decision.

If you prefer to run your household using sustainable products, there shouldn’t be any reason that your pet’s toys are any different. Unfortunately, most cat toys on today’s market are created from materials that contain chemical-based components, which may not be so good for your furry friend. Instead of picking out cat toys that don’t match your personal views on sustainability, why not choose natural or organic cat toys that make you and your pet happy?


If that sounds great to you, the next question may be how to find these cat toys! The good news is that our cat toys at Honest Pet Products will not only meet your requirements for being eco-friendly, but they also will meet your pet’s requirements for a fun-filled playtime!

Our cat toys are earth-friendly because they are made of natural hemp fabrics, natural cotton stuffing, and don’t have any harsh chemicals or dyes. Our toys are also biodegradable and anti-microbial. Additionally, our cat toys are just plain fun! Depending on how your kitten or cat likes to play, you can choose from our Eco Cat Fisher, Eco Catty Pillar, Eco Kitty Bird, or Eco Mouser to name a few!

If you live in the Los Angeles, California area and are ready to purchase sustainable cat toys for your pet, make sure to visit our online store to choose your next pet toy.