Cat Toys

Your furry feline will flip for our cat toys!

Taking good care of their cat is something that every cat owner wants to do. While it can be relatively easy to find quality foods and a good veterinarian, gaining access to quality cat toys can be a harder task. Finding the right toys for your cat can help your furry friend unleash their inner ferocious feline, and we at Honest Pet Products feel it is our duty to help you provide the purr-fect toys for your cat. Whether you are located in OshkoshWisconsin or need to have our toys shipped to you elsewhere in the United States, our team is hard at work providing responsible cat owners with toys they can feel good about buying and giving to their pets.

We have many different cat toys available that we are confident your feline will flip for! We have toys that will engage their hunting instincts, such as different types of eco-pouncers shaped like mice. We also have some fun birds, fish, and even a “catty-pillar” that they will love to chase and stalk. With the interaction from these toys and from their beloved humans, along with appropriate training and feeding, cats are more likely to be calm and enjoyable instead of bored and destructive.

Our cat toys are made from durable hemp that is eco-friendly, natural, and can last through all the play from your kitty’s claws. Because we choose to source hemp and other natural fibers, pet parents can feel good about giving their fur-babies quality toys that do not contain harmful pesticides, petroleum products or other unknown substances. We would love to tell you more about our pet products and how you can engage your cat in productive play. For more information, please contact us today.