Cat Fish Toy, Westborough, MA

All of our cat fish toys are made of all-natural and eco-friendly materials. 

It’s no secret that cats love fish, whether they’re consuming it in their food or playing with fish toys. At Honest Pet Products, we offer a line of cat toys that includes fish-themed options for felines who can’t get enough of these scaly swimmers. Best of all, every cat fish toy is made of all-natural and eco-friendly materials. Cat owners don’t have to worry about what their pets are chewing on when playing with an appealing and engaging cat fish toy.

One of the most popular cat fish toy options is the Eco-Cat Fisher, a fish-shaped toy attached to a wand for interactive play. The fish measures five inches in length and is made of hemp. It’s also stuffed with natural catnip, so your furry feline fill go crazy for this particular toy! The natural bamboo pole measures one foot in length, while the natural hemp twine that attaches the fish to the pole is four feet in length. The materials are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, so your cat will be able to have fun with this toy frequently without any concern of bacterial growth.

Our company focuses on three principles when making sustainable and appealing toys for pets. These include being true to our pets, our planet, and our people. We focus on what cats want when creating products, and we always use eco-friendly materials that don’t put a lot of extra strain on the planet. Every cat fish toy we sell is made in Wisconsin and can be shipped anywhere in the USA. So if you live in  Westborough, Massachusetts, make sure to visit our online store to choose your next pet toy.