Cat Ball Toy, Westborough, MA

Shop our selection of cat ball toys to find the perfect toy for your beloved feline.

Toys can make animals go crazy with excitement, and playing is great for their physical and mental health and well-being. Regular play can help you form a stronger bond with your beloved pet, help them get the exercise they need to stay healthy, and even encourage your animals to play with organic toys rather than things in the house that aren’t toys. If you’re looking for toys that your feline will go wild over, check out our selection of toys at Honest Pet Products. Every cat toy in our line is made from sustainable materials. They’re all eco-friendly to protect your pet from chewing on dangerous materials while protecting the planet.


Many of our customers love the cat ball toy options that we offer for felines. You can get the Eco Kitty Comet, which features a hand-felted wool ball with natural lanolin scents that cats love. On one end of the ball is a natural hemp string that you can use to attach the toy and keep it in place for your cat. The other end has nine-inch natural hemp strings in various colors, providing the perfect medium for playing and batting. Four securely attached bells add some extra auditory interest for your feline.

Another of the cat ball toy options is the Eco-Catty Pillar, which features felt balls attached together to create a caterpillar-like toy. It rolls in unique ways to keep your feline entertained and interested. We make all of our cat toys in Wisconsin and can ship them anywhere in the USA. So if you live in the Westborough, Massachusetts area and are ready to purchase sustainable cat toys for your pet, make sure to visit our online store to choose your next pet toy.