Cat Ball Toy, Los Angeles, CA

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Does your feline friend have a wild streak when it comes to playtime? Cats love bonding with you when it’s time to play, but having the right kind of toy can make all the difference! If you’re looking for new moving cat toys that your kitty will enjoy, you’ll find some fun cat ball toy options with us at Honest Pet Products.

Why choose our cat ball toy products? There are lots of reasons! We are committed to making pet products that are safe for your pet and safe for the environment. Our cat ball toys are made from natural hemp and cotton and are free of harsh chemicals and dyes. Our non toxic cat toys are especially helpful if you have a cat that has sensitivities to the materials standard cat toys are made of.

The other great thing about our cat ball toy products is that, because they are sustainably sourced, they are biodegradable. Once your cat ball toy has reached the end of its lifetime, you can simply toss it in the trash knowing that it is eco-friendly. Then you have the option to buy a new one or try a new cat ball toy from our line of products!

Our pet products are made in the USA, which means they can be shipped right to your door in Los Angeles, California. Check out our online store and choose between our Eco-Catty Pillar, Eco-Kitty Comet, or one of our other fun cat toy products. We know these are toys you’ll want to pounce on!