Ball Pet Toys

Choose our ball pet toys for hours of sustainable fun.

When looking for a ball for your pet, it is common for people to acquire tennis balls. Dogs everywhere love the bounce and slight chew of these balls, and their size is often perfect. While tennis balls are fun, they do come with potential hazards and should be limited to special, supervised playtime sessions. If you are looking for safe, quality ball pet toys that will not wear down your pet’s teeth like a tennis ball can (the fuzz on a tennis ball is very abrasive), then we here at Honest Pet Products would like to help you with our variety of safe, eco-friendly ball pet toys.

When you choose our ball pet toys, we offer a variety of sizes to help accommodate pets of all sizes! Available in small, medium and large sizes, our eco-tosser is made from quality hemp materials. Hemp is sustainable, eco-friendly and able to be cleaned. With no rubber or wood pieces, a pet owner doesn’t have to worry about potential choking hazards or lacerations during play. Should you have a pet that is particularly rough on toys, don’t worry- these toys are biodegradable and won’t contribute to the plastics problem in the landfills.

We are a company that is committed to excellence, both in our quality and providing responsible products that you can feel good about giving your pets. Whether you have a large pet or a small one, a lover of fetch or an occasional player, we have ball pet toys for you. We manufacture our products in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and are able to ship toys to you. For more information, please contact us today.