Safety regulations for pet toys

It surprises most pet owners to learn that there are no safety regulations in the United States for what pet toys can be made of! Many pet toys on the market today are made of potentially dangerous, chemical-laden plastics and petro-chemical based, man-made fabrics. So the toys your pets are putting in their mouths and smelling every day can possibly make them sick!


Do you check the material ingredients?

Just like you check warning labels and ingredient lists for things that may be unsafe for yourself, you should also thoroughly research the toys you buy for your pets as well. You may not know that you can buy natural pet toys for your beloved pet that are free from harmful products and chemicals. This will help keep your pet safe and healthy.


Growing demand for natural pet toys

Our pet toys are made with natural materials that are completely safe for your pet. These toys are eco-friendly and are not made with products that are harmful to the environment. There are a lot of varieties when it comes to safe and natural pet toys that your pets are sure to love. We make these toys for both cats and dogs, and they are suitable for all different breeds. We have great tug toys, squeaky toys, toys to play fetch with and more. Our cat toys include things they can paw at and chase. You can have fun playing with your pet, knowing that the toys you are using are made with natural materials that are safe for your pet.


Explore our natural pet toys collection

If you are looking for natural pets toys, be sure to check out what we have to offer at Honest Pet Products. Our toys are eco-friendly, and we have great options that are made with natural materials. All of our pet toys are well made and are safe for your pet to play with. We ship anywhere in the USA, so our products are readily available to pet owners all over the country.


About us

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