Safe Pet Products

Researching baby products before purchasing is a MUST nowadays, so why not do the same for our furry friends? Currently, in the United States, there are no safety regulations for what pet toys can be made of. If your pet toy is not eco-friendly, your pet is most likely being exposed to toxic chemicals and materials that could potentially hurt your precious fur baby.

First and foremost, it is important to determine if your pet products are actually eco-friendly. Many companies today are using different words that mislead pet owners to think that their products are safe for their pets. Often companies use terms like “organic, sustainable, or nontoxic,” which can be deceptive to pet owners.

The classifications of Safe Pet Products are as follows:

  • Organic Pet Products: created from agricultural products (like rope or fabric) without the use of pesticides.
  • Non-Toxic Pet Products: claim to be made with fabrics and chemicals that are not toxic to our furry friends.
  • Sustainable Pet Products: made from renewable resources.
  • Eco-friendly Pet Products: products that are safe for both our pets and our planet.

Although organic, non-toxic, and sustainable pet products are steps forward for the green movement, eco-friendly products are the only products that protect both our beloved fur babies and planet Earth.



Plastic Pet Toys

Plastic Pet Toys:

Most pet toys today are designed and manufactured for a human’s aesthetic appeal, rather than for the pet’s usage and safety. Companies are focusing on solely selling their products and ignoring the effects that plastic pet toys have on our furry friends.

Most pet toys (especially ones made in China) have been found to have concentrations of lead, chromium, cadmium, and DINP (di-isononyl phthalate). These chemicals and minerals are toxic to our pets. This is a HUGE concern as pet toys are constantly in our pet’s mouths being chewed and licked.

Additionally, plastic pet toys are frequently made with small pieces, like buttons, plastic eyes, and beads to add a visual appeal. These “additional” features are dangerous for pets because they can easily be torn off and swallowed.



Fuzzy Pet Toys

Fuzzy Pet Toys:

Have you ever walked into a pet store and seen a cute, fluffy stuffed animal and wanted to purchase it for your furry friend? Think again!! Plush pet toys are filled with toxic chemicals and dyes to make them visually appealing. These toxic chemicals include dioxin, chrome, copper, zinc, formaldehyde, and flame retardants.

As well, plush toys can easily be destroyed, making them a major choking hazard for our pets. Don’t underestimate your furry friend’s chewing abilities!




Rawhide bones are natural, so that must mean they are eco-friendly and safe… right? Nope! Rawhide is not considered an safe pet toy.

Rawhide can easily fracture or damage your pet’s teeth, hurting both your pet and your bank account! Pieces of the bone can break off into small pieces, making it easy to swallow. This can obstruct your pet’s airway causing difficulty for them to breathe.

Furthermore, rawhide product labels usually state that the bone should not be ingested because they are highly processed and cooked at high temperatures. But this is not the case! Pets are ingesting small pieces of the bone anyways.

Chemicals used to preserve and process rawhide are not regulated, so inexpensive chemicals are used like mercury vapor, chromium salts, arsenic compounds, and formaldehyde.


What To Look Out For:

If you are looking for an eco-friendly pet toy, check out Honest Pet Products. The products are 100% biodegradable (they actually REPLENISH the soil) and made with hemp materials, making it safer and healthier for your pet to play with!