Playing with your dog is one of the best parts of having a furry friend! Different breeds gravitate towards different types of play, with retrievers loving to play fetch (hence the retrieving), huskies and cattle dogs loving to run and work, and scent hounds loving a good game of tug of war. While there are certainly exceptions and personality differences even among breeds, finding out what your dog is interested in will likely lead to the best and most engaging types of play. Here at Honest Pet Products, we have a variety of toys that will help all dogs find something they enjoy.


Tug Toys for Dogs

Traditionally, scent hounds and hunting breeds are going to enjoy dog tug toys, but this scope can be widened to include any dog that has a strong prey drive. Wanting to seek and capture prey is something that can be determined from a young age, and a dog tug toy is a safe way for them to engage this drive without hurting another animal.


Rules of the Game

As long as you are deliberate about playing with your dog, a dog tug toy is a safe and enjoyable activity that shouldn’t be discouraged. Rules, such as teaching your dog the “drop it” command, are important. You should also immediately end the game if they grab anything other than the dog tug toy, even softly or by accident.


Look for Safe Options

Playing with your dog is an activity that should be enjoyed often! If you have a dog that loves to play and would enjoy a dog tug toy, consider choosing from our natural, eco-friendly dog tug toys that are as durable as they are fun. For more information, please contact us today!