For dog lovers like you and us, our furry companions are members of the family. More than that, actually - they’re our babies! So, it’s only natural that we strive to ensure our babies have the toys they need to be mentally stimulated, happy, and secure. But how much is too much? Is the quality better than quantity? In today’s post, we’ll explore the appropriate number of toys for your pup and how to choose the best interactive dog toys that will keep your precious fur baby’s tail wagging.


Is there actually such a thing as “too many” dog toys?

As much as you love your pooch and want to spoil them with the best of everything, you could be overstimulating or overwhelming them with too many options. While it’s true that dogs need toys to thrive and further their development, you want to ensure that they have a reasonable amount of quality, interactive dog toys. Going overboard is stressful for both you and your dog! For one thing, you end up with a whole mess of toys scattered across the floor (and wedged under your furniture) that end up largely ignored. Additionally, with so many options, you might have trouble choosing which to try to engage your pup with or struggle to discover which toy best stimulates your dog’s mind. At the same time, your dog may not know where to begin choosing a toy or may feel unsure how to play with them. Or, they could simply be bored! After all, seeing the same heap of toys day in and day out can certainly cause your dog to lose interest. So, to make a long answer short - yep! Your dog really can have too many toys! Limiting your pup’s daily selection will make a positive difference in their life.


So, how many dog toys do we need?

There’s no “one size fits all” answer to this question because dogs have different needs. Generally, though, dogs will thrive when they have three to five toys to choose from at a given time. This provides them with enough variety to keep themselves busy and stimulated without overwhelming them with options. It also makes it simpler for you to pick one or two of Interactive Toys For Dogs to engage your pet with for some much-needed bonding.


Should I throw out excess dog toys?

No, not necessarily! If you’re a dog parent who may have gone a little overboard with buying toys, you don’t need to start tossing things out. Dogs, like people, enjoy having variety. Although you only want to provide your dog with a limited number of toys at a given time, there’s no reason why these should be the only toys they ever get to play with! We suggest a weekly toy rotation. Every week, you can put away the toys your dog has been engaging with and swap in some others! This gives your dog extra stimulation and allows you to change your playtime routine with your fur baby. If your dog has a favorite toy that they’re particularly attached to, it’s a good idea to always leave that toy available instead of rotating it each week.

All that said, there are times when you should throw out a dog toy. If Squeaky Dog Toys have become torn open to the point where the squeaker is accessible, you should get rid of it before your pup has the chance to accidentally swallow (or choke on) the squeaker. The same goes for any plastic toys chewed to the point where small pieces could break off and be swallowed. Honestly, plastic toys aren’t ideal for dogs for this very reason. As you examine your dog’s toys for safety, just remember - when in doubt, throw them out!


Which dog toys are best?

Because we are limiting the number of toys your dog is exposed to each day, we want to focus on quality over quantity. We want to avoid cheaply made plastic dog toys that can cause your beloved pup to swallow harmful chemicals. Instead, we want to focus on well-made, durable products that will allow you to engage positively with your pet while keeping them safe and stimulated. For example, large and small pups alike love a duck dog toy with a safety-sewn quacker because it speaks to their innate urge to hunt! Another one of the best interactive dog toys is the Eco-Fly-N-Tug from Honest Pet Products. These extremely durable and sustainable discs are great for playing fetch and tug-of-war on land or the water (it floats)! The bottom line is that you should choose toys that consider the safety and stimulation of dogs while also being durable enough for regular play and are produced ethically.


How can I use my dog’s toys to grow our bond?

Although dog toys are important for pups when they’re home alone and need something to engage their minds and provide comfort, dog toys are best used interactively! Dogs are social animals, and they crave your love and attention. With the right dog toys, you can encourage your dog’s instincts and help them to develop and grow their skills. As they become more confident in their abilities and relationship with you, your bond will become stronger. For this reason, we suggest minimizing the number of toys designed for strictly independent play (i.e., mobilized toys for your dog to chase and ball launchers). Instead, you should emphasize simple, quality toys that maximize your playtime.


Final Thoughts

So, how many toys are too many for a dog? The truth is, you can always add more quality toys to your collection – it’s just a matter of limiting the number of toys your dog is exposed to at a given time. We suggest rotating out durable, stimulating, engaging toys that you can use to build a strong bond with your pup each day. Looking for the best interactive dog toys? Check out the Honest Pet Products store to start building your collection today!


Written by: Alyona Delacoeur | February 24, 2023