Beyond being animals, our pets are adored members of our family. Just as we seek out the best for our friends and loved ones, we also strive to provide the highest quality toys and care for our four-legged family members. At Honest Pet Products, we believe in the power and significance of handmade products, especially when it comes to caring for your beloved pets. Here’s why you should choose handmade products and how Honest Pet Products embodies these values.



Thoughtful Design and Functionality

Artisans and craftsmen invest considerable thought into the use, design, materials, and production process of each product. They prioritize functionality and user satisfaction over mere aesthetics. At Honest Pet Products, we extend this thoughtful approach to our toys, considering not only the enjoyment of your pets but also the peace of mind of pet parents. Our cat toys and dog toys are designed to be safe, durable, and engaging, ensuring your pets are kept happy and healthy.


Eco-Friendly Materials

Natural materials are at the heart of handmade products and all toys at Honest Pet Products. Artisans carefully select eco-friendly options to minimize environmental impact and ensure higher quality. Choosing eco-friendly materials for pet toys means prioritizing the health and well-being of your pets. Natural materials are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals that can be found in many plastic and synthetic toys. This ensures that your pets are not exposed to dangerous substances during playtime, making their experience safer and healthier.

Honest Pet Products is committed to using natural materials like hemp, wool, and bamboo. Hemp, known for its durability, provides a long-lasting and safe option for playful pets. Wool offers a soft and enticing texture, while bamboo is both sturdy and eco-friendly. Our eco-friendly cat toys and eco-friendly dog toys are made with these high-quality materials to ensure the best for your furry friends.

Choosing eco-friendly pet toys benefits the planet. The reduction in plastic waste and the use of biodegradable, natural materials help combat environmental issues like pollution and resource depletion, contributing to a healthier ecosystem where both pets and people can thrive. Supporting eco-friendly practices helps preserve the planet for future generations.


Supporting the Local Economy

Choosing handmade products means supporting local economies. Artisans and designers often source materials from local suppliers and small businesses, fostering economic growth within their communities. At Honest Pet Products, we proudly support local economies by providing jobs for skilled Americans who handcraft our products in Wisconsin. This not only boosts the local economy but also ensures high-quality craftsmanship. Our toys are proudly made in the USA, symbolizing our commitment to local production and quality.


Empowering People in Need

Handcrafted work provides vital employment opportunities for individuals in need. Honest Pet Products extends this support to women in Nepal, who handmake several wool pieces used in our cat toys. This initiative helps them support their families. By choosing our products, you contribute to a cause that uplifts communities and promotes fair trade practices.

When you choose to buy handmade products, you make a responsible and informed decision. You support traditional skills, thoughtful design, sustainable materials, local economies, and When you choose to buy handmade products, you make a responsible and informed decision that not only supports natural materials, local economies, and communities in need, but also contributes to environmental benefits such as reduced carbon emissions, decreased reliance on mass production processes that often lead to pollution, and the preservation of natural resources by promoting the use of eco-friendly materials and techniques. 


Honest Pet Products embodies all these values, offering you pet toys that are safe, eco-friendly, and made with love. By opting for our handcrafted products, you not only provide the best for your pets but also contribute to a more green world.


Thank you for choosing Honest Pet Products and joining us in our mission to care for pets, people, and the planet. Together, we can make a positive impact.