True to our PETS
True to our PLANET
True to our PEOPLE

My Promise to Make a Difference

In late 2010, at age 51, I sensed the proverbial strong desire to “make a difference.” with my life that could someway help others. I knew I wanted to use my creativity and compassion for “all things living” to do something that truly mattered. The only question was: “how?” And the answer that slowly began to emerge in response to that question started with a torn-up, ratty-looking drink coaster.

My two adored Yorkies, Willie and Sophie, were spoiled with every conceivable toy on the market, and yet these luxury toys continuously landed in the “will not play with” bin. Then one day I happened to throw a fabric drink coaster across the room, and the unexpected response from both of them was a clear: “PLAY TIME ON!”

This inadvertent drink coaster /fetch game became a daily ritual of great fun and exercise. However, even 5 lb Willie could tear them apart with ease. So, I thought, maybe I can design a similar version with safer, more durable and natural materials, and.... Voila! Eco-Fetcher was born. Not only did they play daily with it, it proved to be durable with the most “super-chewer” testers from 3lbs to 110lbs!! The requests from pet owners for more safe, quality made, truly NATURAL toys for their dogs and cats was overwhelming. So within 3 months Eco-Tugger, Eco-Mouser, Eco-Pouncer and Eco-Pouncer Mini became “part of the family.”

I now know that starting HONEST PET PRODUCTS had become the answer to that life-changing question: How do I make a difference?

HONEST PET PRODUCTS was born out of three basic, unrelenting, and uncompromising principles behind everything we do:

  1. To be True to our Pets
  2. To be True to our Planet
  3. To be True to our People

TRUE TO OUR PETS We use the most truly NATURAL materials possible to create pet toys and shampoo that are SAFE, DURABLE & FUN for the pets we love. Satisfaction guaranteed!

TRUE TO OUR PLANET Nature provides the sustainable HEMP & WOOL used to make our truly eco-friendly pet toys and shampoo which reduce our carbon footprints & pawprints! All of our products are biodegradable.

TRUE TO OUR PEOPLE We provide jobs for proud Americans who make our products in our home state of Wisconsin. Our social efforts extend to women supporting their impoverished families living in the harsh Gobi Desert and desolate regions of Nepal. They hand make several of our wool parts used in making our cat toys.

Mary Wolff, President, Honest Pet Products

Your comments, suggestions and ideas are welcome and appreciated!

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