True to our PETS
True to our PLANET
True to our PEOPLE
Pet Toys and Pet Products made with truly Natural & Eco-Friendly materials!

We use sustainable HEMP fabrics, ORGANIC wools, ORGANIC catnip, ORGANIC oils & extracts in our quality toys and shampoos.

New Cat Toy!

New natural wool and hemp cat toy that is cute as a bug!

$1.50 from every Eco Catty Pillar purchase goes directly to the Nepal families in need.

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True to our Pets

We use the most truly NATURAL materials possible to create pet toys and shampoo that are SAFE, DURABLE & FUN for the pets we love.

True to our Planet

Nature provides the sustainable HEMP & WOOL used to make our truly eco-friendly pet toys and shampoo which reduce our carbon footprints & pawprints!

True to our People

Honest Pet Products is dedicated to supporting people challenged with disabilities, or living in poverty by providing income opportunities making our quality pet products and shampoo.

Honest Pet Products now supports poverty stricken families in Nepal by purchasing handmade wool balls for 2 cat toys. Certified fair trade conditions.