Cover of O-Magazine's Eco Edition
Featured by Oprah

O-Magazine’s Eco Edition.

Approved by Pets
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Featured by Oprah

O-Magazine’s Eco Edition.

Approved by Pets

Honest Pet Products’ toys are PET APPROVED!

a smiling brown dog with an ECO-FETCHER

“Stiv is obsessed with his ECO-FETCHER. He has had it for a couple of weeks now which is the longest he’s ever had a toy…soft or hard, except for the extra heavy duty nylon bone, which he hasn’t touched since he got his ECO-FETCHER.”

Courtney & Adam
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

black cat playing with cat mouse toy

My three cats love their ECO-MOUSERS and ECO-POUNCERS. They have not been able to chew the tails off, or tear them apart. These mice are indestructible! Definitely get one for each cat or you’ll end up w/ some nasty cat fights!

Jennifer Z.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

a golden retriever running with an ECO-FETCHER in its mouth

“I have been a dog owner for over 20 years. Over the course of that time I have purchased countless numbers of pet toys. The results were always the same. Most toys were destroyed in a short period of time and had to be thrown away. Other toys were durable but not liked by my dogs.

With the ECO-FETCHER and ECO-TUGGER I have finally found toys that my dog likes and are durable enough to withstand the abuse that my Golden Retriever delivers.

We have now had the ECO-TUGGER for nearly a month and, after extensive use, it is still holding up. The cotton rope bone toys we used to buy never lasted more than a couple of weeks.

The ECO-FETCHER is proven to be not only durable but it’s soft construction is friendlier on my dog’s mouth when he catches it out of the air. It is the first soft flying disk that is heavy enough to throw outside in breezy conditions.

I highly recommend the ECO-FETCHER and ECO-TUGGER from Honest Pet Products.”

Green Bay, Wisconsin

two dogs tugging an eco-friendly dog toy

“You have developed the perfect eco-friendly toy for our dogs, Pepper and CoCo. They literally EAT most other toys, but they have not been able to hurt this toy at all! They have enjoyed hours and hours of fun playing tug of war together with the ECO-TUGGER.

I believe any house with two dogs should most definitely have the ECO-TUGGER bone.”

Green Bay, Wisconsin

grey and white cat with eco-friendly cat mouse toy

“My cat LOVES his new ECO-POUNCER! He enjoys throwing and batting it around and chasing after it when thrown. He carried it with him from room to room looking for a good hiding spot- it ended up in one of my shoes.”

De Pere, Wisconsin

dog tugging on eco-friendly dog toy

“Our dog, Lucy, has strong jaws and loves to tug and play rough. She chews and tears everything apart immediately, but the ECO-TUGGER has held up to her enthusiasm very well. The ECO-TUGGER is extremely durable and I love that it’s washable.”

Green Bay, Wisconsin