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Favorite Toy!

Loves to make it quack!


With her canine teeth, that is. She likes the toys. Especially the duck's "quack".
Thanks for the healthy toys!

finally an all natural dog toy that holds up!

after finding the stuffing (still whole!) from a plastic dog doy in my dogs stool I knew I had to do better for my dog! so glad I came across this company! not only do I feel comfortable with the materials being used, my lab has yet to be able to chew through the stuffed owl (it’s been a few weeks too!) looking forward to ordering more products in the future.

Eco Fetch Stix

Good quality product! My little Shihpoos really love the ball the best due to its size! Overall all your products are fantastic!

#1 toy in the box!

This has been a real winner for my 10yr old lab who loves to play tug. This is the first toy he grabs out of his toy box when he’s ready to play. Its clearly made well. Great construction and top notch quality! We are big fans of Honest Pet Products!

We absolutely love this!

Not sure which one of us likes this more? Her or me? Its well made, so cute and a toy that keeps her entertained for hours. One of the best toys I’ve purchased to date.

So cute and hours of fun!

My cat just LOVES this mouse. Its so hard to find natural cat toys. So glad I tried this! I will be picking up a few other toys for her.

Love this Shampoo!

I have tried countless Shampoos that promise to be “gentle” but don’t live up to the promise. This one DOES! My boy has incrediably itchy skin and this has stopped his itching and leaves him smelling nice. A big bonus that it doesn’t have all those annoying strong scents like some of the others I’ve tried! Thanks for making such a great product!

Eco the ecologically friendly owl

My little puggle man loved the toy, but he is a beast of a chewer, I've never seen a dog that can tear apart something as fast as him but this owl lasted a lot longer than the normal toys you'd get at Wal Mart or Petco. He still loves the shell even if the innards are gone.

Great product

My dog loved it waiting for bigger size to come in. Great company to work with. Happy to find healthy, non toxic pet toys

She loves It but it is a bit small

We bought the 3" one which is the largest one sold. The dog wants to play with us but that means getting very close to her teeth. She's a medium size dog, 25 pounds, 17 inches high so if your dog is larger, keep the size of the toy in mind.

Great Product!

My dog absolutely loves this product and gets excited every time I bring it out! It really is strong and durable, I just make sure to not leave it out for him to gnaw on constantly. Definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a safe, effective tug of war toy for their dog!

They love it!

Attached this to the cat tree for my kittens and they absolutely love it!

Great product.

It’s the first time I have given my dog a stuffed toy and she hasn’t pulled the stuffing out within the first half hour. Great product that my dog is enjoying daily.

Excellent made toys!

Our Cats Love kit

Product came early, was ;priced right and was appropriately packaged.

Love the fair trade aspect & materials but wish it were more durable

My dog loved the bone-shaped chew toy but it was already fraying / falling apart within only minutes of chewing it. Perhaps it should be twisted into rope then knotted up like other chew toys made of cotton or hemp rope out there?

Thanks for your feedback, Hannah. We usually do not see this happen over the 9 years of making the Tugger, but your review sparked conversation with our sewers and the way we make the Tugger! Thanks again and sorry it didn't last longer. We always stand behind our three month no destroy warranty for every one of our toys.