New to Cats? Here are Some No-Fail Cat Toys

While most people think of dogs as being playful animals, the truth is that cats enjoy play just as much, if not more, than their canine counterparts. Cat play looks a little different than chasing after a stick, but is equally important in helping your feline friends stay intellectually stimulated while also keeping behavior problems to a minimum. If you have never had a cat before, then doing a bit of research on cat toys can help you make a good selection. Here are a few tips from our pet experts at Honest Pet Products for some no-fail cat toys:

  • Choose wisely. Pet toys are not required to adhere to any safety standards, so they can be potentially dangerous or be made of materials that are not safe for your pet. We offer responsibly sourced, eco-friendly, and organic pet toys that will provide fun you can feel good about!

New to Cats? Here are Some No-Fail Cat Toys [Infographic]

  • Look for mimicking toys. Toys that mimic prey animals are always very popular with cats. By engaging their natural hunting instincts with toys that look like birds, mice or fish, cats get to “play” the strong and agile hunter right from your living room.
  • Consider puzzles. Cats are intelligent creatures that like to solve puzzles. If they aren’t working very hard mentally, then the puzzle they solve might not be one you want them to figure out! Puzzle toys require them to search for treats or a toy by figuring out the different openings.
  • Keep them safe. Cat toys can get a lot of use, so inspect them regularly for any loose filling, strings, or loose connections.

We hope that this has been helpful when it comes to choosing cat toys. For more information about cat toys that we have, please contact us today.