How to Keep Your Pooch from Destroying Every Stuffed Dog Toy

Dogs love to play! Some of them get particularly excited, and suddenly their new stuffed toy hasn’t just been chewed, but utterly destroyed. Not only is it possible to amass a large collection of floppy stuffed animal skins with these types of dogs, but it is also more likely that your pooch will choke on stuffing, a piece of cloth or a squeaker insert. Here at Honest Pet Products, we want pets to be able to play safely. We have some great ideas on how you can keep your vigorous chewer safe while also keeping your stuffed dog toy count low.

First, choose carefully from your stuffed dog toy options. Choosing a soft, fluffy animal isn’t going to last long if you have a large dog with strong jaws. Certain breeds (usually those that are bred to be guard dogs) have incredible jaw strength that should be considered when selecting toys. If your dog has a strong prey drive (hunting dogs and many terriers), then you might want to omit toys that squeak, since dogs like these tend to shred the toy looking for the squeaker.

Second, work on training your dog. While you want your dog to play happily, take notice when they are getting aggressive or starting to work on a hole. Teach them the “leave it” command and give them plenty of praise when they are playing more gently.

Finally, make your environment work for your dog. Give your dog plenty of exercise and time with you so toys aren’t their only mental stimulation. Put toys away when you can’t watch your dog, and watch for toys that are harmful like nylon bones or those made with plastics.

Our toys are made with organic, strong hemp fibers and wool, making them a wonderful choice. For more information about stuffed dog toy options, please contact us today.