One of the best things you can do for your dog is to play with them frequently. Most dogs love to play and really enjoy playtime with their humans. When dogs play, they’re using their brains, and it’s very healthy for them. Playing with your dog can also keep them active, which is always a good thing for their weight, joints, back, and overall health. So besides feeding your dog and giving it a warm place to sleep, playing with your dog is one of the best things you can do for them. A great interactive toy for dogs is a tug toy. They will love tugging on the toy and getting out all their pent-up energy.

A tug toy is designed for you to pull on one side and for your dog to pull on the other side with their mouth. This is a great activity for your dog. It is especially good for dogs that have a lot of extra energy or dogs that enjoy trying to get things from you.  When your dog has a favorite tug toy, it can help them in other areas as well. A good toy can help your dog to not chew on other things like shoes, pillows, or furniture. Once your dog finds a toy they love playing with, they will usually leave other things alone. Your stuff will not get ruined, and your dog will have a fun toy that they love playing with, so it’s an ideal situation for everyone.

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