Dog Ball Toys

One great reason to love our dog ball toys is because they are machine washable!

Dog Ball Toys in Westborough, Massachusetts

Playing a game of fetch with your dog is perhaps one of the most traditional ways we think of playing with our pets. Whether it’s a plastic bouncy ball, tennis ball, or some other toy, for dogs that love to chase, fetch, and jump, a dog ball toy can be an entertaining and fun addition to any play session.

The only catch is that sometimes these types of plastic or processed dog toys may not always be the best choice for your pet. Sometimes they come apart easily and your pet could dangerously ingest the pieces, or you might be worried about the dirt and grime that collect on their toys over time.

At Honest Pet Products, we sought to solve this dilemma by creating dog ball toys that are all natural, anti-microbial, hold up well, and are enjoyable. We manufacture our dog ball toys in Westborough, Massachusetts using only sustainably sourced materials. For example, we use organic hemp to construct most of our natural dog toys because this fabric is naturally anti-microbial and 100% biodegradable. That means our dog ball toys are safe for your dog and safe for the planet.

Another great reason to love our dog ball toys and other natural pet toys is because they are machine washable! Our Eco Tosser comes in both 3-inch and 4-inch sizes for medium and large dogs. After your play session with your dog, simply toss their favorite toy in the wash and it will be ready for the next play session in one wash cycle.

If you’re looking for dog ball toys that meet the list of requirements for you and your pet, shop with us online today! We look forward to seeing how your dog loves their new toy!

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