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All of our dog toys are made with truly natural materials.

Best Tug Toys for Dogs in Westborough, Massachusetts

Caring for your beloved canine companion involves providing them with good nutrition, plenty of water, and love and affection. Another way to show your dog that you love them is to play with them. Play is an essential aspect of a dog’s overall well-being, providing physical and cognitive benefits for all breeds. You can also strengthen the bond with your furry friend every time you spend quality time together by playing and having fun with one another. It’s no secret that regular play is great for dogs on all levels of their health and well-being.

Finding the perfect dog toys can be a challenge, especially if you have a basket full of toys that your dog doesn’t seem very interested in using. The owner of Honest Pet Products was in the same boat, as her two dogs preferred to play with a torn-up drink coaster rather than any of the toys she had purchased. When she saw how much they loved this toy, she created the Eco-Fetcher, an all-natural dog toy designed with the needs of canines in mind. Since then, Honest Pet Products has grown into a brand that focuses on being true to pets, the planet, and the people who shop for high-quality pet toys.

We make our dog toys in Westborough, Massachusetts and can ship them anywhere in the USA. All of our dog toys are made with truly natural materials. Shop our selection to find the perfect dog toys that will surely impress even the most discerning of canines.

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