Dog Toys, Kansas City, MO

Each of our dog toys is made from all-natural materials.

Dog Toys in Kansas City, Missouri

Many dog owners invest a lot of time and money into their beloved canine companions. In return, dogs provide love and loyalty, making them excellent companions for people of all ages. Dogs have their own unique needs, and one of those needs is to engage in regular play sessions. When dogs play, they get exercise that benefits their physical health and mental stimulation that’s good for their brain. Regular play can also help dogs form stronger bonds with other dogs and the humans who care for them. But many of the toys available for dogs aren’t as appealing or fun as you might like them to be.

Honest Pet Products was started by a pet owner who noticed her dogs weren’t interested in most of the toys she brought home from the store. Her dogs loved a coaster that she would toss for them, which she used to create the first toy in her line. By creating her own line of all-natural pet toys, she was able to maintain better control over what was in the toys her animals loved. We’re committed to remaining true to our pets, our planet, and our people. In order to achieve that goal, we have created dog toys that are natural, healthy, and fun for pets.

Each of our dog toys are made from natural materials. You can feel confident when providing these dog toys to your furry friend. Our pet toys are available in our online store to shoppers located throughout the Kansas City, Missouri area as well as across the country.

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