Cat Toys, Kansas City, MO

Our team has created a line of cat toys that fulfill the natural predatory instincts of a cat.

Cat Toys in Kansas City, Missouri

Cats are natural predators and often spend their time chasing down whatever they can find. The feline species enjoys pouncing on and capturing its prey, so it’s important to provide toys that fulfill these natural desires. If your cat doesn’t have access to cat toys that they can chase and pounce on, they may seek out other “toys,” such as the feet or fingers of their human companions. Bored cats are also known to attack their surroundings, including the curtains that hang on the windows or the rugs beneath their paws.

The team at Honest Pet Products understands the unique needs of the felines and has created a line of cat toys that fulfill those natural predatory instincts. Our cat toys are designed with your cat in mind and meet our basic principles of remaining true to our pets, our planet, and our people. Each of the toys in our line is made from truly natural materials, so you can feel good about your cat playing with them. They include natural and sustainable hemp and wool that appeal to your cat’s senses while ensuring their safety when they play. This isn’t the case with all pet toys on the market, as there are no safety regulations in place that protect pets from playing with toys made from potentially harmful materials.

You can choose from a range of cat toys, depending on how your cat enjoys fulfilling their predatory instincts. Our lineup includes wand toys, pouncers, and toss toys to appeal to all types of felines. Shop our selection in our online store and surprise your furry friend with a new toy or two that they’ll love to interact with and chase. We ship to Kansas City, Missouri and across the United States.

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