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Natural Pet Toys Keep Your Pet Safe

It surprises most pet owners to learn that there are no safety regulations in the United States for what pet toys can be made of! Many pet toys on the market today are made of potentially...

Natural Pet Toys Keep Your Pet Safe

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Raising Earth-Friendly Felines: Here’s the Scoop on Natural Cat Toys, Litter Compost, and More!

We try everyday to make sustainable choices in our lives, but why don’t we put this same effort into ensuring our furry friends are eco-friendly too? That’s why we’ve put together a list of sustainable switches for your kitties that are just the cat’s meow! (sorry). From natural cat toys, ethically sourced food and biodegradable litter, your kitties will be eco-warriors in no time.

a husky eats a treat out of a person's hand

DIY Dog Treats: Organic pet products to win your pup’s heart!

Show your pup some love with this quick, healthy recipe! When creating our recipe innovations, we focused on using ingredients that are both affordable and nutritious. These recipes have been tested and devoured by our pets! Most importantly, our DIY pet treats support our mission to incorporate natural pet products into our fur babies lives!

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a small brown dog carries a large stick in its mouth

How to be Ecofriendly and use Sustainable Dog Products

As pet lovers, when it comes to buying supplies for our four-legged friends, it’s not only important to spend our money on companies that promise to be effective in grooming them or keeping them healthy, but it’s also necessary that we support brands that do their part and prioritize eco-friendly materials. Fortunately, there are brands out there, making it possible to fulfill your aspirations for more sustainable dog products.

If you are a pet owner and care about the environment along with your pup's happiness, we have 10 sustainable, pet-focused brands for you.